Thought Leaders Series: 3 Big Trends That Are Reshaping the Field of Organization Development with Nadya Zhexembayeva – Tues. Jan 17th – 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST

Until recently, organizations could go for 75 years without needing to make any serious change. They could largely sell the same products and services to the same markets while keeping the same business model, and they’d do fine. Today’s businesses, however, don’t have that luxury. The research is clear: If you’re not reinventing your organization every 2-3 years, you’ll be dead — sooner rather than later. With disruption and uncertainty a constant, the work of organizational development professionals has to be re-imagined, re-shaped, and reinvented. In this interactive session, I will share the latest insights from our proprietary research on the speed of change (previously featured in such publications as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the European Financial Review) – as well as my own experience at the executive table. Our goal in this session is to explore challenges and solutions for making organizational development fit for the new world.

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