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  1. Sarah Spengler

    More on this Cop FROM CONVENOR cATHY gEIB:
    Meeting virtually on the second Thursday of the month from 7:00 – 8:00 pm Eastern Time, the CoP is coordinated by Cathy Geib, MPOD3. She sends out the Zoom invitation, reminders and any pre-reading, as well as ensuring there is someone in the group who has volunteered to host a session topic before we end each month. A group of about six people have met a half dozen months so far. Topics we have explored thus far include: Coaching with the Intentional Change Model and Resonant Leader Workbook; Peer/Group Coaching; Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management; the Empathic (Default Mode) vs. Analytic (Task-Positive) Neural Networks, and coaching-related articles. Each session topic allows us to bring in stories from the field, as we share our experiences, adventures, outcomes, struggles and achievements. We offer a coaching stance where possible to help each other build awareness, see other perspectives, or surface options for themselves. The Coach CoP is also a great platform to offer new ideas and trends for consideration. Please join us as we meet monthly via Zoom to explore a powerful way of working with a group of peers to deepen our coaching practice.

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